SyMSpace | FAQ

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Please check the documentation included in the download package or contact us.
What is SyMSpace®?
SyMSpace is an easy-to-use software platform for the digital development and optimization of mechatronic components and systems. For different technical challenges, SyMSpace allows setting up an automated workflow consisting of construction – simulation – optimization. SyMSpace is cloud-based and thus available to the user at a pay-per-use basis at any time without own expensive infrastructure. With only a few clicks, computing resources can be easily allocated and individually customized. All consumed services are centralized in one single account, clearly arranged and simple.
Is SyMSpace® freeware?
To some extent, SyMSpace is open source, distributed under the GPLv2 License. See the available editions in the download section for a detailed overview.
Which operating systems are supported?
Currently SyMSpace is fully supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and later versions.
How can I get access to the advanced features?
Please see the different available versions in the download section and feel free to contact us for licensing questions.
How can I get access to the SyMSpace Cloud?
For access to the SyMSpace Cloud please contact us at
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