SyMSpace | Change Log

Version v1.1.9906


* Java-version of config is used for all sub-processes
* Removed environment variable MagOpt_Home
* Changed documentation-tags to sym-style
* Added unit-conversion (optional)
* Expanded python-wrapper
* Speed improvement for Periodic
* Bug fixing
* Added and improved unit-tests


* Added python-wrapper for scripting
* Improved speed and threading
* Added new optimization macros


* Added debug-information for local jobs
* Using Java-version from SyMSpace
* Added unit-tests

User interface

* Independent instances (no Environment-variable) to use different versions at same time
* Integration of the waitbar and deactivate parts of gui while update (basic operations are available)
* Added smart insert to Component-browser (insert on best matching location)
* Added new macros (update/create a project from an excel template)
* Added helper class to display matplotlib graphs


* Update and extension
* Added tutorials
* Installation guide


* Java Version 1.8 or higher

Version v1.0.9319

Initial stable release

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