Automation of complex workflows

Multi-objective optimization

Connect a universe of third-party tools

Fast workflow setup with

customizable components

What is SyMSpace® and how does it work?


Let’s say your engineering process requires:

  • CAD model creation from a parametric model using CAD software A
  • Finite element simulation using solvers B1, B2, and B3
  • Post-processing in software C
  • Documentation and digital twin model export in software D.

SyMSpace can connect such individual steps to a workflow, by interfacing all involved software tools and by managing the data handover.

Now it’s simple to store your workflow for later, or execute it several times with changed parameters. A proper workflow also allows transfering the task to a less skilled colleague or explaining the whole design process to your customer.



The SyMSpace Component Space lets you store model parts which are frequently used. That’s what we did for the electric motor design:
The SyMSpace MotorBox holds all available rotor Components, stator Components, postprocessing Components, simulation Components, etc. for fast workflow creation.

Once you’ve setup a workflow, use the SyMSpace Optimizer to auto-execute it over and over again: Simply choose the input parameters to vary and the output values to optimize. We’ve included genetic algorithms to quickly find the optima you are looking for.

SyMSpace already includes interfaces to a number of free or commercial third party tools.

Did not find your preferred software? Contact us, we are sure to find a way how to include it!

SyMSpace Motorbox
Component Space
  • Workflow setup, execution, and storage
  • Component library: SyMSpace Component Space
  • MotorBox: the LCM motor Component library
  • Embedded Python console
  • Intuitive multi-parameter, multi-objective optimization
  • Graphic analysis of optimization results
  • Large available tool base
  • Cloud Space for computing cluster on demand, on a pay-per-use base.
  • Vendor independent third-party tool interfaces
  • Component builder for wrapping the frequently used steps in Components
  • Open source: Full functionality available in SyMSpace Open
  • Commercial Boxes with LCM engineering inside: MotorBox, PiezoBox, …
  • Engineering service by LCM
  • Tailor-made Components by LCM
  • New third-party tool interfaces to fit customer software infrastructure
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